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Preservation and protection of wildlife is very important, so habitats are preserved for future generations. As animals and plants are affected by human interaction, we must have a good understanding of how animals, plants and communities interact with each other to ensure we can co-exist harmoniously.

Education is important to local communities and SoCE guests so that we make responsible decisions while visiting the jungle. SoCE hopes that through education we can all make a positive difference here in Sumatra and actively contribute to conservation in our own countries.

Deforestation through land clearing for commercial activities such as planting for timber and palm oil is one of the main threats to wildlife in the Gunung Leuser eco-system. This deforestation leads to wildlife such as elephants, tigers and orangutans encroach into village areas causing human and animal conflict. As wildlife are closer to humans it makes them easier targets for poachers who sell their skins and other body parts on the black market.

As a participant on the treks we offer, you will make a valuable contribution to the community and our conservation efforts. You will get a glimpse into community programmes and other opportunities that you may like to continue to be involved in.

Through the Nature Lens - Using your photos to support education

SoCE aims to protect one of the last strongholds of wildlife on the planet. We want to develop practical approaches to protecting and restoring biological diversity on the Gunung Leuser ecosystem.

Our goal is to plant 500 trees every six months. To achieve this goal we want all our guests  to spread the word about SoCE. 

Photos provided by guests will provide us with resources which can be used alongside partner organisations to teach children in the local villages. We work in partnership with Stay Wild Tiger Protection Trust in Batu Katak and Bukit Lawang Trust in Bukit Lawang.


These resources will enhance children and young people's learning through conservation education to become active citizens of their villages.

The SoCE annual calendars sold will provide the general public with awareness of the Leuser ecosystem and the amazing flora and fauna of the national park and the local forests. To order your calendar please order via email:

SoCE is working towards the Sustainable Development Goals

At SoCE we are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 2030. The SDGs, set in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly, are a collection of 17 global goals designed to be a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all. They are intended to be achieved by 2030.

To reach the SDGs by 2030, SoCE works on initiatives to fundraise money to help support the local community and buy trees for the forest. We appreciate any support that guests and communities can provide. SoCE aims to be a central hub for the local community to learn about the SDGs and get involved in the initiatives.

SoCE is a local organisation that employs local people to manage these initiatives. We support our employees by providing personal and professional development and they use the skills they learn to support their communities.

How can I work towards the  Sustainable Development Goals?

Through the trek, we hope to inspire you to get involved in initiatives that work towards the SDGs in your home country. One of the best ways to create change is to connect with others also trying to create change. Together we have a real chance to make a difference.

After you have participated in a SoCE trek you will become a life-long member of the SoCE Community Eco Trek Club. You will connect with like-minded people working to make a difference. We hope you will return to Sumatra to visit us again and continue to support the Gunung Leuser ecosystem.

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