SoCE has carefully created treks and activities to provide you an opportunity to learn about the Gunung Leuser Ecosystem and its wildlife and communities.

How you can make a positive change through SoCE treks

Tree Planting Expeditions

The aim of each trek is to safely immerse guests in the wilderness of the jungle and for those who want to plant trees will do so in areas where they can thrive. Jungle reconnaissance will be done before each trek to ensure each area is secure for you and to find safe areas for planting. The trees you plant will encourage a diverse range of animals into the area.


Planting trees will revive an area of the forest that may have been diminished by illegal logging or other illegal activities in the past. This experience provides you with an opportunity to help the jungle thrive, once the trees are planted these will be documented and we will provide updates on Facebook and Instagram on how the trees are growing. The fruit trees are planted to encourage animals to stay within the forest and not venture into the villages. This stops human and animal conflicts.

Sustainable Income Local Activities


These activities are available to add to any of the treks for an additional cost. To add an extra activity to your trek, please email us when you book.

Cooking with Villagers

Nothing defines a culture better than its food, which can leave lasting memories long after your trek is over. Learn to cook like a local with this amazing cooking session with a local family.

Camera Traps


Camera traps are small cameras placed in the trees of the forest to monitor wildlife activity. Camera traps are used to support the work of local organizations based in Batu Katak. These camera traps will be set up in the jungle a week or so before your trek so you will have the opportunity to recover the camera on your trek. You will be able to review the footage and monitor what animals are and have been in the area. This is a rare opportunity to review footage of wildlife and any other activity in this mystical place, and it will give you an understanding of what rangers look for when working out in the field.


Jungle medicine

Kuning Mentar is used to treat fever and Sembur is used for headaches and coughs. Traditional medicines have been used by these communities for hundreds of years. You will have a first-hand experience on how herbs are harvested from the forest and blended into medicines.

SoCE Eco Trek Club

After you have participated in one of our treks, you will automatically become a life-long member of the SoCE Eco Trek Club, a Facebook community group.

As part of the SoCE Eco Trek Club you will be able to:

  • Share and view photos

  • Read and share trek reviews from around the world

  • Discuss eco-project opportunities

  • Fund-raise and share conservation information.

As a member, you will be part of a worldwide trekking community and have a special place in Sumatra. In addition, you will receive a 10% discount on your next trek with us.

Check the Eco Trek Club page.